Urban Context

The design pulls the existing urban grid into the site to generate the driving axes of the scheme, allowing for a merging of both the historic city and its potential as a new addition to the woodward avenue corridor.

Formal Generation

Urban Section

Using the surrounding urban fabric as the generator for a new vision of the city, MiniCity Detroit utilizes the historic and present urban conditions to materialize a concept that directly responds to the site. Bringing the existing physical form and history into the plan, the conditions set by the site provide a framework for renewal.

At the pedestrian level a new urban space is formed; conceived of as the extension of Woodward Avenue, providing a space for transition as well as an active urban core. Both above and below, an elevated platform for public events such as fairs, outdoor markets, music concerts and festivals is introduced to the proposal.

The high-rise extrudes from this framework in an industrial red brick-style, inserted as a new architectural addition to the Detroit skyline.