Architecture activated by life.

A maker from childhood, I came into architecture after exploring other forms of design as well as advanced physics, seeking to combine these interests. Realizing the pervasive potential of space, I was excited to explore how one could influence the world in a tangible way. I am driven by the idea of architecture as an instrument through which program, materials, and spatial and human relationships are orchestrated.


design: anywhere

I believe that design is a process of problem solving, and can be applied to any scale, large or small. My scope of work ranges from something that can fit in your pocket, to buildings placed on mountains by helicopters. 


I design through the process of discovery, unearthing new potentials through the work, and collaboration between myself and my clients.


craft: everything

Described as a “maker and a thinker with a strong emotive dimension to her work”, I work with my hands, my head, and my sensibilities to create unique objects, spaces, and experiences.  

I work alongside expert craftsmen to manifest shared visions to fruition. I have proudly collaborated with the following:

Eric Katon, TRi-town woodworking

ambidexterous sports

atlantic Iron works

after architecture

Jake Rudin, adidas

charlie firestone, matiz design

make, think, design.